Podcast: Driving Diversified Growth To Maximize Brand Value With Sean Lee

Our Co-founder and President, Sean Lee, recently joined Aaron Conant of BWG Strategy on his podcast, "The Digital Deep Dive." Here's what you'll learn from their conversation in the episode.

When it comes to brand growth, revenue diversification is a profitable endeavor that allows you to acquire additional funds, sell your brand, or build your portfolio. So, what are some business models you can implement to diversify your revenue and scale effectively?

According to Sean Lee, there are two main business models to leverage based on individual brand goals. The first model involves acquiring multiple retail channels to mitigate losses and maximize brand value for potential sales. International expansion amplifies brand exposure but requires careful consideration of factors, including registration and translation. To optimize this model, it’s essential to establish international partnerships. By developing a personalized marketplace strategy, you can expand your reach and increase profits.

In this episode of The Digital Deep Dive, Aaron Conant chats with Sean Lee, Co-founder and President of Cincy Brands, about diversifying revenue to scale and optimize value. Sean discusses how brands can allocate their advertising costs, the benefits and drawbacks of international expansion, and advice for acquiring and distributing content.

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