Acquisition focus

Cincy Brands is building a scaled portfolio of high potential brands that have demonstrated consumer demand across at least two of three channels: direct-to-consumer, ecommerce marketplaces, or traditional retail. We are seeking brands in the better-for-you space that enable consumers to live healthier, happier lifestyles.
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lotion bottle icon for beauty care.
Beauty Care
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Baby Care
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Pet Care
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Health Care
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Home Care
Sound like you?

Category focus

We are actively looking for amazing brands in the beauty, baby, pet, health, and home care categories.

Acquisition criteria

Customer focus

Better-for-you brands in beauty care, personal care, baby care, pet care, health care, and home care
Well-branded, proprietary consumable products
4-star average product rating or greater
Defensible position in the market
Not a fad product
Minimal regulatory risk

Financial focus

Revenue of $0.5 to $10 million
EBITDA of $0.1 - $2 million
Track record of top and bottom-line growth
A strong free cash flow profile
Price points and unit economics that work in direct-to-consumer and Amazon channels

Business focus

Traction in at least two of three channels: Direct-to-consumer, marketplaces (Amazon), and brick and mortar
Founder or owner-operated
20% or more of revenue from channels other than Amazon
Products with repeatable customers
3 years sales history

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