Why should I work with Cincy Brands?

Unlike traditionally selling your business which can result in calls that go nowhere or meetings with small-time buyers with no access to capital, we are well-capitalized and we’re ready to pay you in cash as soon as we agree upon a valuation, sign an asset purchase agreement and complete the asset transfer. Our process is based on integrity and will save you time and money on financial paperwork and legal/broker fees.

How does Cincy Brands' process work?

First, we look at the high-level overview of your business. We’ll look at the channels you sell in, your eCommerce metrics, and your revenue and net income. Next, we work with you to put together some financial information and extend an offer via a letter of intent. If you like our offer, we’ll work with you to complete due diligence and close the deal — our legal team will draft up all the documents so you can save on legal fees. Upon closing, you’ll get paid in cash. Then you can take some well-deserved time off or invest in what’s next.

How will a sale help me?

As an entrepreneur, you're an expert in growing a brand from scratch and all the challenges that come with it. But sustaining a brand and taking it to the next level comes with a whole different set of challenges. Cincy Brands makes it easy to cash out of your brand fast and easily. You can take the earnings to start your next venture or take some well-deserved time off.

Will my business continue to prosper?

Your business is your baby and we get it! We have an amazing team of brand builders, Amazon, and eCommerce experts passionate about scaling business. Your business will be in good hands and we’ll keep your vision alive!

How fast is Cincy Brands’ process?

Unlike the traditional process of selling a business, which can take 6 months to a year, we make all our decisions in-house, and close deals within 1-2 months. Our dedicated team will help you gather all the required information for due diligence to facilitate the process.

What happens in due diligence?

We evaluate your business, verify financial records, and review key sales and marketing metrics to ensure that the information you provided meets our criteria. Our team of experts will help you through each step to make the process easy and pain-free. We have a formal diligence checklist and process to make the review easy for you!

How much is my business worth?

Each business is different, our efficient business evaluation process will get you an accurate picture of how much your business is worth. Connect with our team to find out how much your business is worth today by emailing hello@cincybrands.com