Amazon FBA Prep Services by Cincy Brands: Fast, Reliable, and Brand-Centric

In the dynamic world of ecommerce, brands are constantly seeking efficient and reliable solutions to streamline their operations. Amazon FBA Prep Services have become crucial for modern ecommerce brands, but finding the right service can be a daunting task. Here's how Cincy Brands is revolutionizing this space with its fast and reliable 3PL services.  

The Challenge with Traditional 3PLs

Traditional 3PLs excel in standard activities such as B2B Shipments and brown box DTC shipments. However, they often fall short when it comes to meeting the custom needs of modern ecommerce brands, like Amazon FBA Prep and Walmart WFS Prep. The lack of flexibility and adaptability in their services often results in poor quality, extended lead times, and ultimately, frustrated brand owners.  

Introducing Cincy Brands 3PL and FBA Prep Services

Faced with the inadequacies of available 3PLs, we at Cincy Brands experienced firsthand the struggle to find a service that could offer the speed and flexibility our portfolio of companies required for FBA prep and DTC fulfillment. Traditional 3PLs would often take up to 30 days to prep our Amazon ship plans, leading us to create our own service. Cincy Brands 3PL Services are a fast, reliable solution designed by ecommerce brand owners, for ecommerce brands.  

Our Comprehensive Amazon FBA Prep Services Include:

  • Labeling: Application of FNSKU Labels, covering UPCs, and Amazon Transparency labels.  
  • Polybagging: Secure and quality packaging to protect your products.  
  • Bubble Wrap: Additional protection for fragile items.  
  • Custom Boxing: Tailored boxing solutions to fit your products perfectly.  
  • Promotional Inserts: Enhance your brand presence with custom promotional materials.  
  • Custom Bundling and Multipack Creation: Offering versatile packaging solutions to meet your needs.  
  • Case Forwarding: Some products don't need any manipulation, which is excellent. We simply cross-dock and forward those cases on for you.  

 Our Streamlined Process:

  • Send Us Your Product: Begin by sending us the products you want prepped.  
  • Provide Your Amazon Ship Plan: Share your specific Amazon ship plan with us.  
  • Fast and Quality Prep: We prep your product in 5-7 business days and schedule it for pickup from Amazon.  
  • Stay In Stock with Quality Service: Experience fast, quality FBA prep service and ensure your products are always in stock!  

FBA Prep Pricing

We have benchmarked traditional 3PLs and Amazon FBA Prep providers and have created competitive pricing, typically ranging from $0.40 to $1.75 per prepped single unit or bundle. We have the scale to offer quality services at fair pricing.


Cincy Brands is not just another logistics provider. We are a brand-centric service aimed at addressing the unique needs of modern ecommerce brands. Our fast and reliable Amazon FBA Prep Services ensure that your brand doesn't have to compromise on quality or speed. Choose Cincy Brands and experience a service that understands and prioritizes your brand's success.  

Let's talk about your Amazon Prep needs today!

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